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Nashville Mold Removal Services

Nashville TN Mold Inspection, Testing, and Remediation

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    Nashville Mold Removal Services is one of the most established mold removal and mold remediation companies in Nashville Tennessee. For years, we have offered a full spectrum of removal services, around the clock, and throughout the year. Our customers happily welcome our professional technicians into their homes and workplaces to bring solutions to their issues. It is important to our team that we make sure that all our services maintain a trustworthy and consistent relationship with our customers. Our team is committed to providing the best service and customer care. We are proud of what we do and we also take great pride in the satisfaction of being able to serve our community.

    About Us

    Nashville Mold Removal Services is a local company that has successfully grown throughout the years. Reaching the needs of both homeowners and business owners alike. Our commitment is to make sure that no one has to keep going through a mold problem. Our company’s main values are trustworthiness and integrity. Which is why all our team members have gone through rigorous internal training. We want to make sure we excel at our job! Overall, we truly believe that Nashville Mold Removal Services contributes to a better quality of life for our community. Our goal for the near future is to expand our services to other cities throughout Tennessee.


    When we started this company years ago, we began by doing mold clean-up for small homes. Thanks to our clients, we were able to expand and diversify our services in order to meet their needs. Currently, we provide tailored mold removal and mold remediation services for commercial industries and domestic properties in addition to residential properties. We have leaned towards a tailored service because each property is different, and each mold problem has its particularities. It’s no wonder that our customer service is what sets us apart in the industry. Feel free to hire us through any of our contact informations throughout our site, or on our “Contact us” page.

    mold & health issues

    Mold & Health

    Taking care of our health, as well as those around us, should not be taken lightly. Having mold in your home or workplace is putting people at risk, given that mold spores float in the air and grow on walls. This can eventually lead to health problems such as respiratory complications and skin infections. Here at Nashville Mold Removal Services, we care about your health. We will happily deploy a detailed action plan to solve your mold problems.

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    Mold Inspecting

    Can you smell mold but can’t find the source in your home? Are you suspicious about a recent stain on your ceiling? Are you concerned about a property you are planning to purchase? Then mold inspection is for you. At Nashville Mold Removal Services, our team of inspectors uses specialized equipment to identify mold growth in a building. They can find sources of humidity, recognize the type of mold that is growing, and point out potential areas of risk. Don’t wait for mold to get out of control and become a serious problem in your property. Hire a mold inspection today.

    “As a landlady of several apartment buildings in downtown Nashville, I always need to make sure my building meets the necessary regulations. I have been going to Nashville Mold Removal Services for five years now. And I intend to keep going. I can trust on them to get the job done!” – Michelle Pierce

    Mold Testing

    Mold testing is a service that we provide within the mold removal and mold remediation packages, but we can also provide it separately. Mold testing allows us to have a better diagnosis of the mold situation, and therefore, create tailored solutions that will prevent mold from coming back. We use a variety of certified samples, which allow testing to be done on different types of surfaces, both indoor and outdoor.

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    Mold Removal & Remediation

    Cleaning up mold is not a pretty sight. It requires special equipment and safety uniforms. Although you might be able to find DIY options online, the truth is that mold removal and mold remediation require professionals who know how to eliminate mold growth and prevent cross-contamination. Removing mold on your own may mean wasting time and money because more than 60% of the time, mold tends to come back. For this reason, Nashville Mold Removal Services offer a wide range of procedures that can adjust to your schedule and your budget.

    best mold removal & remediation

    “I recently remodeled a historic house. After pulling down the wallpaper I discovered a wall invaded with mold! Given that I had a deadline to meet, I hired their emergency services. They were so kind and quick to answer. They made the whole situation stress free and I was able to finish up on time” – Tom Baker

    best commercial mold removal & remediation

    Commercial Mold
    Removal & Remediation

    Unlike homeowners, commercial industries have to worry about employees, clients, and/or distributors, all of which interact within the business’ property. Furthermore, they have to make sure their properties meet standard regulations and insurance guidelines. For all these reasons, we understand that our commercial clients have specific needs and requests in regards to mold removal. By offering multi-franchise packages and after-hour services, we strive to make Nashville business owners happy.

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    At Nashville Mold Removal Services, we know how important it is for our clients to make informed decisions. We are committed to our client’s complete satisfaction, which is why we want to make sure we can help them out in any way possible. Throughout our years of communication with our clients, we have been able to collect the most frequently asked questions regarding mold removal and mold remediation. We hope this F.A.Q section can be a valuable tool for you.

    “The daycare center that I managed had a weird mold odor but I couldn’t see mold anywhere. A family member recommended Nashville Mold Removal Services for mold testing and mold inspection. Once they arrived, the technicians were very efficient and were even patient enough to answer all my questions about the mold remediation that the center needed” – Alice Hernandez

    Contact Us Today

    We invite you to explore our website and find interesting information about our different services. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to ask. We believe that there is no wrong question. We are invested in making sure you have all the information you need in order to make the right decision for your property. Our contact information is also available if you wish to make an appointment or hire our services. Whether you prefer email or telephone, we will be happy to hear from you.