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Commercial Mold Removal & Remediation

best commercial mold removal & remediation

Our commercial mold removal and remediation services are aimed at taking care of all conceivable mold problems affecting business owners. We have provided outstanding services to corporate offices, schools and universities, retails, supermarkets, hotels, all the way to industrial sites. Thanks to our team of highly skilled professionals, we promise to deliver excellent results on every project we undertake. Our team is result driven and has been trained to meet the standard regulations for health and security inspections. Many of our commercial clients own multi-location enterprises throughout Nashville, which is why we offer a variety of service package to accommodate the specific characteristic of business owners. We also offer flexible service hours, so that the productivity of your business is not interrupted.

Specialized equipment

Regardless of the size of your business, we can remove and remediate mold. With our specialized industrial equipment, we are able to remove mold from large and hard to reach surfaces, both outdoors and indoors. Our equipment can remove mold from all sorts of surfaces, such as wallpaper, brick, carpet and concrete. Nashville business owners sometimes worry that mold removal and remediation will be a hassle because it might entail removing furniture or safeguarding valuable objects. No need to worry. We use certified equipment that takes care of all types of valuable objects and furniture.

Analysis and Mold Inspection

Moisture is one of the key factors for mold growth. Given that Nashville is known for its humid climate, moisture is pretty hard to control. For this reason, we recently upgraded our commercial services to include an in-depth humidity analysis. With state of the art equipment, our inspectors can analyze the whole perimeter of your workplace to identify –through a scale system- where mold is become a hazard or where humidity can increase mold growth.


Mold inspections are a great way to identify areas that can be potential hazards in the near future. There is no need to wait for unpleasant odors and stains to crawl up and run your customers away. Having to close your business for a few days’ due to mold problems means losing revenues and potential clients. That’s why prevention is always a smarter way to go. With our specialized inspections and mold testing, we offer you a moisture and humidity control plan, so you can prevent mold from growing in your workplace.

Emergency Services

Like any type of emergency, mold related emergencies can have detrimental effects to your health and pocket. Nashville Mold Removal Services offer you emergency mold removal and mold remediation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An immediate response helps to minimize the damage, as well as the cleaning and restoration costs. We understand this service is valuable for Nashville business owners, who cannot afford to close their workplace. Plus, leaving an emergency unattended could represent potential health risks for customers and workers. You can request our emergency services through our various contact options. You will be sure to receive an immediate response.

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