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Mold Inspecting

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A mold inspection is when our team of technicians looks for mold growth in a building. At Nashville Mold Removal Services, we always encourage our clients to have routine inspections each year, given that it can preserve a healthy environment and prevent more expensive services once mold get out of control. Mold inspections are quick and easy. Given our flexible services, we adapt to your time schedule and concentrate on any specific concern you may have. Mold inspection are always done by inspectors who have gone through previous formal training and experience with mold test equipment.

Mold in the Past

During our inspection process, we make sure to look for past or current mold growth. Finding past mold growth may be a way of identifying a water problem which continues to arise after a long rainy day, a repetitive leak or humid Nashville weather. Past mold growth may also cause some of our clients to have an allergic reaction or, start having allergy symptoms which didn’t exists previously. We appreciate our clients understanding and availability in answering some preliminary questions that our inspectors may have in regards to past mold. This is perfectly normal and is part of protocol.

Looking for the source

During the mold inspection process, it is essential for our team to look for sources of moisture, given that water is necessary for mold growth. Without a source of water (or moisture), you will not have mold growth. Finding the origin of mold growth is a way of eliminating further complications. Our team of inspectors are highly aware of the importance of looking for sources of moisture during the inspection process so that you can forget about mold coming back.

Are inspections necessary?

Mold inspection might not seem like an important activity. However, we believe that there are common reasons for hiring a mold inspector. The most important, is protecting our client’s health. If you experience allergy symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, or itchy eyes when indoors — especially in a particular room or part of the building — you should be worried about mold. A mold inspection in Nashville can also help confirm that there isn’t a moisture or mold problem in a new building that you plan to buy or lease. Some of our clients end up contacting us after they were unsuccessful with a DIY remedy. With our service you can be 100% sure that if there is a mold problem, it will be identified and eliminated.

Step by step process

The mold inspection process begins with a visual inspection, checking for mold throughout the indoor and outdoor of the house. For this, our team uses specialized tools and equipment, such as a moisture meter and a humidity scale meter. The second part of the mold inspection process is the diagnosis, which is when a detailed identification of the sources of moisture intrusion and are reported. Afterwards, a mold testing of the air and surfaces is done so that the samples can go to a lab analysis. Finally, our team of technician provide a detailed written report of the inspection for our clients.

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