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Mold Removal & Remediation

mold removal & remediation

After spending a summer in Nashville, humidity is definitely an inevitable topic of conversation in the city. Moisture easily ends up in a kitchen home or a bathroom in a retail store, making mold growth unavoidable. While there are many easy steps that anyone can take to prevent mold, hiring a professional to remove or remediate mold is the difference between an “easy fix” and a long term solution. Nashville Mold Removal Services offer a wide range of services to make sure that mold is not a stressful issue for a home or business owner.

Mold Contamination

Our clients tend to notice the presence of mold because of its particular odor or stains. But sometimes mold is not visible and grows in “out of reach” surfaces. This is why Nashville Mold Removal Services insists on inspections, in order to calculate the extent of the contamination and design a remediation procedure. Mold contamination needs to be assessed by professionals in order to determine the area of exposure, the size of the surfaces, isolate the contaminated area and identify any material that may need to be removed or replaced due to levels of mold contamination.

Mold Remediation Process

If your Nashville property is faced with a widespread mold problem, mold removal seems like the easy solution. However, the reality is that mold removal is only one part of a more detailed procedure known as mold remediation. Mold remediation consists of a complex process to cleanup and prevent mold from coming back. This process varies depending on each situation, however, it usually contains four mains steps: inspection, analysis, removal and a recommendation report. Our team focuses on making sure that the mold remediation process is tailored specifically to the client’s situation and designs the process to get the best results possible without compromising your health, safety or livelihood.

Mold Removal Process

After an initial mold inspection and mold test has been thoroughly done within the client’s property, we use specialized plastic cover to maintain a safe environment and avoid cross-contamination. We use industrial equipment to filter air and prevent mold spores from spreading. We also remove mold spores from surfaces using a specialized vacuum. We scrub and clean all surfaces in the affected area. If we identify any surface that is non-salvageable due to mold, we tag the item and inform our clients, so they can decide if demolition or removal needs to be made. We make sure that all the equipment and material that we use is disposed in a safe manner that is environmentally friendly.

Preventing future mold situations

In order to prevent mold from coming back, we make sure that our mold remediation process includes a mold-proof coating, which is applied to the surfaces that have been previously cleaned. This is essential to make sure that mold doesn’t grow back. A detailed inspection is done after the remediation process in order to verify mold removal. At the end of the whole procedure, a general report is written out and handed over to our clients. This report includes recommendations that are specific to each property, including humidity control and ventilation strategies.

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