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Mold Testing

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Given that there are different types of molds and that they can appear on different surfaces, our Nashville mold inspections are adapted to the needs of each client. Different tests can be used in different situations. A quick inspection involves air sampling, which allows us to discover the quantity of mold spores in the air. Our mold inspectors also use thermos imaging and take moisture readings in order to evaluate the type of equipment need for mold removal. Our samples go through a lab analysis, in order to confirm the types and quantity of mold that needs to be removed.

Lab Analysis

During the mold testing process, our team gathers samples that allow more in-depth information about the types of mold that are invading your property. Samples are a great way of creating integral strategies and allow more long term solutions that go beyond a one-time clean up. Our inspectors have been trained to use specialized equipment that take clean and accurate samples of different surfaces, whether it is wood, concrete or carpet, amongst others. Like most samples, these mold samples are taken to lab in order for our technicians to confirm and add information gather through the initial visual inspection.

Types of samples

The mold tests we perform are for outdoor and indoor structures, in order to make comparative analysis. Outdoor samples are particular informative, given that sometimes mold can be spreading from a neighbor’s home or business. If our team of inspectors’ suspect mold growth during the inspection, we use spore analysis to figure what type of mold it is and how long it has been growing in the property. If the client requests an emergency mold removal services, we also have specific tools and samples that give results within minutes. It’s important to mention that Nashville Mold Removal Services are happy to offer additional samples upon a client’s request.

Trained Inspectors

Our team of technician in charge of mold testing are certified mold inspectors, which means they have been professionally trained to assess both the presence of mold, the source of the contamination and the patterns of mold growth. As trained professionals, our team have the skills required to perform accurate mold inspections and tests, as well as undertake air and surface samples. As an extra benefit, all our technicians receive an internal customer care course, which means they are able to communicate effectively with our clients in order to solve any doubts or questions. This is important to Nashville Mold Removal Service, as we strive in keeping trust and commitment as core company values.

Benefits in the long run

For many Nashville residents, mold testing has become a standard procedure for people that are planning to purchase or lease a property. Likewise, property owners that are seeking to sell, tend to use a mold test to show potential buyers that their properties are in optimal conditions. Other people rely on mold tests to prevent health risks for family members or work colleagues. Overall, mold testing is a great investment in order to make an informed decision.

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